24 April 2020

Related Readings, ongoing
PDFs provided if available
**available for rental via Libby

Go Tell It to the Mountain, James Baldwin **
Trees, Matthew Battles
Changes in the Land, William Cronon
Autobiography of Red, Anne Carson **
Red Doc, Anne Carson
The Beauty of the Husband, Anne Carson
The Sea Around Us, Rachel Carson
There Is No If, Su De
One Straw Revolution, Masanobu Fukuoka
All About Love, Bell Hooks
Odour of Chrysanthemum, DH Lawrence
England, My England, DH Lawrence
Bluets, Maggie Nelson 
The Argonauts, Maggie Nelson **
The Body Where I Was Born, Guadalupe Nettle
Lila, Marilynne Robinson **
Gilead, Marilynne Robinson **
Wild Apples, Henry David Thoreau
The Color Purple, Alice Walker **